Monthly Archives: March 2011

30 Days of Thanks, all in 1

I’ve been horrible about participating in the 30 days of Thanks on Facebook, so I felt compelled to make my list before I head out of town for Thanksgiving. Here’s my 30, in no particular order. California/Long Beach: When I was younger, I feel like I was always wanting to...
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Happy Birthday, Blake Dean

Two years ago today, Blake Dean – with an impeccable sense of timing – was born. It was three weeks before his anticipated due-date, and we – his ever-prepared parents – were hundreds of miles from home. We had no diapers, no blankets, no baby accoutrement with us. It was...
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Happy Mama’s Day, Mama

To say my mama had her hands full with me would be an understatement. There was the time I secretly took a bus to Chicago to make out with a boy. The time I decided to move to Bosnia. The time I randomly decided to go to Germany because I...
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