Super (hero) cuteness @ WonderCon 2012


So – as a mama of two sons, there are things in life I’ve grown to love. One of those is the wide world of super-hero goodness, and all of the heroes and villains that come along with it. We got to explore all of those at WonderCon 2012, the little sister of San Diego Comic Con. Though usually held in San Francisco, WonderCon took place in Anaheim, California, this year. I couldn’t miss the chance to let Blake attend one of the biggest “Super Hero Parties” of the year – especially for the relatively modest entry price of $20.

With Captain America!

Of course, we have our “Big Three” – Batman, Captain America and Spiderman, and Blake met every single one of them at WC.


Another favorite part (for me!) was the fact that Captain Blake himself was a major hit, with folks asking to take *his* picture everywhere we went.

No pictures, please. Well, maybe one or two ...

Truth be told, B is not a major fan of posing for pictures with folks he doesn’t know. Even when it comes to hot USO girls who literally begged for him to pose for this [FAILED] photo!

He's *really* going to regret this one day!

In addition to super heroes, we met some rad folks from Star Wars.  Though Blake hasn’t actually seen it, he has read a Wookie book(ie) about Chewie and Han Solo. He was psyched to see Chewie dressed in St. Patrick’s Day garb.

Princess Leia having a moment with R2D2

Arrggh! Chewie!

Another exciting part of the day: seeing Bumble Bee, Optimus Prime and Iron Hide up-close. Their costumes were amazing – and they were absolutely enormous.

Bumble Bee, bitches!

One of the best parts of B’s Captain America costume is that it doubles as a pillow when he hits his limit. After a full day of super-hero mingling, he was a tired little muffin and needed a little break from the excitement.

Sleepy Cap

Outside of the obvious, there were some memorable personal moments, as well. One older man stopped me and told me his mother had made him a Captain America costume when he was around Blake’s age, and that it was one of his most precious memories. (He also told me not to let Blake ever throw it away because he would live to regret it.) It reminded me that even though this life is chaotic and crazy, and it sometimes feels like nothing we do matters – those little things (like making a Captain America costume that is far from perfect!) make memories that will last a lifetime.

As for Captain B, he’s resting comfortably after a long day of super hero excitement – and gearing up for the even bigger “super hero party” – Comic Con – in San Diego this summer.


P.S. Warm thanks to Doug Kline, author of the Unauthorized San Diego Comic Con Survival Guide, who donated a portion of proceeds from his book sales at WonderCon to my charity, Safe Warm Loved. All proceeds will be used to sew super-hero themed blankets for child victims of domestic violence at WomenShelter Long Beach. Coolest thing evah!

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