Making a beautiful memory [board] …

Spidey memo board a la mama

So – Blake has been rocking so many awesome opportunities lately, from WonderCon this past weekend to Monster Jam … skateboard party … D23 … even a helicopter ride. Thus, I decided it was time to create a space where he can capture all of his memories – without poking his fingers with push pins while he’s at it. After un-boxing some fabric, I realized I could make the perfect solution: a memory board (a.k.a. French memo).

The goods: some foam, scrap Spidey fabric, ribbon, and a few buttons (not pictured).

Pulling a square piece of cardboard from the fabric box, along with a Spidey remnant I had in my closet, I set up the plan.

high-tech patterns 'r' us

After gluing a simple piece of foam to the cardboard backing, I staple-gunned the fabric tightly over top. Next, I tightly pulled strips of (web-esque) ribbon across the board in large intervals, and set buttons in all of the spots where the ribbons met.

All in all, it cost about $5 and an hour of time to make – and once filled with pics, it looks like the perfect addition to Blake Dean’s 3-year-old room.

Memories a la Blake Dean

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