“I have a soft spot for slow, sad sh*t, y’all …”


Soon after Lucero released tix for its show at Music Box in Hollywood, a note went out that the venue had closed indefinitely. After collapsing in tears, I put all of my energy into hoping the show would go on despite what appeared to be sticky L.A. lease issues. And it did. Last night. At what is now simply Henry Fonda Theater.

Dude – he was looking right at me! Swoon!

I’ve never been to this venue before, and although acoustics were poor, it was an extremely enjoyable locale. Not too big, not too loud. Nice couches for hanging out beforehand. (Though the $12 drink price was a kicker.) Surprisingly, the room was only about half full by the time we left, which doesn’t seem reflective of the band’s support in L.A.

Ben indicated that they had been concerned about headlining the show because “L.A. can go either way.” They still rocked it, but seemed just as nervous about playing their new songs from Women and Work. It’s always tough to tour with new songs. No one wants to hear them! But they did a great job fitting them in with some Lucero faves.

I captured a bunch of partial vids but kept running out of space on my camera. (Yes, I was the girl deleting pictures of my children off the camera during the show to make more room for Lucero.) A couple of my faves …

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVVJX66zICg] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKp5mxFgX3A]

All in all a wonderful night. And the opening band – Drowning Men, out of San Diego – was awesome. Not at all the same genre of Lucero (more Killers than country) but definitely worth checking out.

A few more pickies below!


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