Avengers craft-time at $3 or less

Now that’s my kind of popsicle stick.

My son and I are suckers for all things Captain America. So when I saw this great little craft idea involving nothing but good old-fashioned paint and wooden popsicle sticks, I had to give it a go. (The sticks are actually bookmarks, but considering most of my son’s books have about 10 pages or less, I figured they could double as super simple action figures, as well.)

With a little bit of kiddie paint, plus a white paint marker and black Sharpie, these sticks came to life in no time. I even added some glitter because …. it’s what I do. :)

(Note: This project will not work as well with plain markers – the ink seeps into the wood too easily. Paint is definitely a must, however messy it might be.)

All in all, a super cute craft project for a super cheap amount of money … and both of my monsters are already obsessed with them.

(FYI, I could not figure out a cool popsicle Thor design for the life of me … so it looks like Spiderman is part of the Avengers foursome for the monent :)

Total cost: about $3.

Avengers 4vr

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