Look out – here comes Spider Baby!

Not to brag, but I *totally* drew that spider free-hand. Pow!

So – technically 2012 will mark Rhett’s second Comic Con experience. However, since he was barely 2 months old for the first one, we decided to make this year his first major “super hero party” milestone – an occasion that clearlycalls for a baby Spider Man costume.

I found this rad spider web fabric on my last trip to Switzerland – the perfect thing for creating a simple super baby cape. (Yes, I do realize Spider Man doesn’t actually wear a cape … we’re exercising some creative liberties here.)

Spider Baby in action! Look out, world!

Since Rhett is still young, I decided to attach the cape via velcro on the back of his shirt – zero choking hazard and less chance for him to try to pull it off himself if he gets bored.

“Dear mom – I will NEVER wear this. But thanks for trying.” – Rhett Lee

I’m fairly certain the mask will never be worn for more than a millisecond, but still – it was worth a try.

All in all, a super cute craft project perfect for my little Spider Baby (who often makes me wish I had 8 arms to wrangle him with).

marvel mama

PS: Have I mentioned recently how much I love my sewing/embroidery machine (and super heroes)?

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