Baby it’s *good* news – Jenny Lewis @ Observatory OC

Dear phone: Even though your 8M camera is supposed to be awesome, it failed me tonight.

Wooo! As if we’re suddenly 25 again, the husband and I hit yet one more rad show this week – Jenny Lewis at the Observatory in Orange County. I’ve wanted to see Jenny since developing a major girl-crush on her with the release of her solo album “Rabbit Fur Coat.” She did not disappoint.

I love Cali. And Jenny, too.

Jenny’s voice was pitch-perfect and ridiculously powerful for a girl of her tiny stature. Amazingly, the Watson Twins as well asĀ Johnathan Rice from her current project Jenny & Johnny, all joined the party, adding an even more epic feel to the night.

Jenny started with many of my faves from “Rabbit” and moved on to play some new songs, as well as some pieces from Jenny & Johnny. She even played an old Rilo Kiley hit – “Portions for Foxes.”

Not much to say besides – wow. One of those artists who sounds even more amazing live than they do on the album. *Sigh* My heart is happily inspired.


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