So – I’ve been thinking about joining a CSA for like – two years. And every time, I decided it was simply too much pressure … trying to make use of an entire box of veggies in a two-week time period.

Well – last week I changed my mind and decided to give the CSA program at Tanaka Farms a try. We ordered the small box to get started … but due to a mixup, we got gifted the large box instead.

Veggies? Let me at ‘em!

The kids were uber-psyched to open the box of goodies, which included a huge range of fruits and veggies both: romaine, kale, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, onions, radishes, oranges, grapefruit. There were a few items the kids had never seen before, I’m not gonna lie. (I am not the most adventurous veggie-cooker.)

“Mommy – what’s that?”       “It’s called kale! It’s very hip in L.A. right now!”

Just five days into our CSA experience, I’m proud to report that all of the fruit is already gone, and about half of the veggies are out the door, as well. Outside of the delicious salads and fresh-squeezed juice, it’s just been nice to dress up a regular sandwich with some gorgeous veggies. (Don’t tell the kids, but I even shredded some zucchini into their mac and cheese without them knowing.)

Still – I couldn’t kill my inner carb-addict all at once. I also had a few minutes to whip up some zucchini bread – total throwback to my childhood. The kids gobbled it up!

Official mama assessment: CSA’s ROCK! 

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