Monster Trucks Redux


So – it wouldn’t be winter without Monster Jam. We went for the first time last year, and given Blake Dean’s over-the-top response, we decided to go again with both of our own monsters in tow. (It didn’t hurt that both Captain America and Iron Man monster trucks were both scheduled to compete at this meet – *swoon*.)

Monster Tire Ear Covers - a must at any Monster Jam event.

Monster Tire Ear Covers – a must at any Monster Jam event.

One of my fave parts about Monster Jam, as a mama, is how well the entire franchise seems to treat its fans. Drivers are constantly going out into the crowd – as in, *way* out into the crowd – to give away tshirts or even trophies to adoring spectators. There are tons of give-a-ways. And there is never a moment where screaming at the top of your lungs seems like a bad idea.

There was high drama at this Monster Jam. One truck lost its tire – another caught on fire. And this one – The Legend of Grave Digger – actually lost his entire truck body after a tough landing (check around min 1:04 below). It was monster madness – just what my own little monsters love most.

Because Rhett is at an anti-containment stage (20 months), we weren’t sure how well he would do at a lengthy (and seated) public outing. Turns out loud crashing monster trucks are just what a toddler needs to stay focused for 3 hours straight. I’m pretty sure he didn’t take his eyes off the trucks once the entire night … except for this quick pic :)


FYI – this mama loves Monster Jam – almost as much as my kids. I never thought I’d say it. But there it is.

Monster Mama

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