Comic Con 2013!!!

Comic-Con 2013 – where to begin? As a family, we’ve been looking forward to this year’s “Big Super Hero Party” since last year. As a mama, I’ve been secretly stressing about making sure this year’s event proved to be as special and memorable as last year’s for my little super monsters.

Han Solo, Mom Solo and Baby Solo ... may the Force be with us :)

Han Solo, Mom Solo and Baby Solo … may the Force be with us :)


First off: the costumes. As always, I let the kids guide our costume-making decisions. Having recently discovered the awesome-ness of Star Wars, Blake Dean decided we would all dress as Han Solo for the big day. Meet the magic that is Han Solo, Mom Solo, and Baby Solo (duct-tape guns in tow.) Turns out it was a winning choice. I can’t describe the happiness I get when our costumes make people smile/high-five/thumbs-up, or just offer a little “Good job, mama!” *One of the best feelings ever.*

Second: the Con. Attending Comic-Con with kids means realizing that many of the things that make Comic-Con so cool (amazing panels, ridiculous giveaways) are just not do-able with children. Still, that isn’t to say there weren’t plenty of magical moments to be had. When it comes to kiddos, the little wins often prove to hold the biggest and best memories …


Han, Obi-Wan and Yoda, reporting for duty

The Force was with us!
The kids saw Star Wars for the first time about a month ago, and it’s been the central focus in our house ever since. I think Blake’s head almost exploded when we met Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Darth Vader.

We made the news!
Rhett Lee being named one of Yahoo News’ 20 Best Baby Superheroes of Comic Con. Seriously – how rad is that?


The kids have no idea how cool this is right now … but one day they will.

We met Stan Lee!
We were in the Marvel booth when a staff member came over and said, “Don’t leave! Something awesome is about to happen!” A few minutes later, they roped off the booth, and Stan Lee walked out. He signed this cool poster for everyone who happened to be there. Rad!

Our hotel rocked!
At first we were miffed that we got stuck at a hotel 6 miles from the convention center. That frustration quickly subsided when we found that we had a private beach, playground, and an amazing view. Oh, yeah, and the hotel  (the Kona Kai Resort) was showing Star Wars by the pool all week during Comic Con. What are the chances?


Han Solo gets Minion-ed

We got Minion-ed!
An artist from was offering free black and white portraits outside the convention.


Our blasters = tagged and safe!

We got our weapons checked!
Comic Con insists on inspecting every single weapon that comes through the door of the convention hall – even our blasters, constructed out of foam and duct tape. The inspectors were awesome and took our inspection super seriously – leaving a lasting impression with the monsters.

Sponge Bob Square Solo

Sponge Bob Square Solo

We got swag!
From Sponge Bob glasses, posters, and Kreo sets, to Hotwheels Legos, free comic books, buttons, posters, books and more – we got tonnage! And the boys were in love with every single piece of it.


Walking Dead Escape …

We fought Zombies!
I was also psyched to have a chance to experience the Walking Dead Escape. Though not scary (in the least!), it was way more physically challenging than I expected. In the end, I got executed (shocker!). The sweetest part was my son worrying that his mama was lonely when I was fighting zombies on my own …

Hobbit Village, care of Legos

Hobbit Village, care of Legos

Once again, the outdoor events proved to be some of my favorite, from artists and giveaways to Smurf Village and the Vikings, Hello Kitty, Bates Motel, Scooby Doo, and Hobbit Village (built completely out of Legos!) exhibits.

Lying in bed Sunday night (after a marathon 3.5 hour ride back from San Diego), I asked Blake if he had a fun weekend.

“Mommy – I had so much fun, I can’t even tell you!”

An emotional Mom Solo got teary-eyed. Sounds like a win to me. J



Baby Solo … dreaming of a galaxy far, far away …

And a few more pics of our exploits below …

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