Wahhhh! (a.k.a. Seller’s Remorse)

Blake hides from raccoons in the Scamper.

So – awhile back we decided to sell our Scamp camper. I know. It’s hard for me to type those words let alone accept them. First and foremost, we figured we’d have expenses coming with Rhett being born. Secondly, we knew that it was way too small for a family of four regardless. So, we posted it on eBay and sold it for a pretty profit. It felt great for about two minutes … and then it just made me sad.

Now that the sun is out and we’re looking to plan our summer family vacay, I literally can’t go a minute without thinking of the soooooo many amazing memories we had together in our little Scamper. It hurts my heart to think about a trip that doesn’t involve cramming into a bed way too small for all of us, and waking up to the sound of crickets and raccoons outside our little camper windows … making burnt pancakes on the campfire while Blake runs wild in the woods … even just being able to take a weekend trip to the middle of nowhere without worrying about resort and/or cleaning fees.

I miss you, Scamp! You were the coolest thing I ever owned, and I don’t know how I’ll ever find a camper that truly fills the void. Although I’m definitely going to try. Soon. Don’t tell my husband.

xoxo :(

Making out with my Scamp after purchasing it. That's how much I loved it.

Soaking up some sun in Malibu.

Camping in Pomona.

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