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So – choosing a summer camp for your kids is kind of like a full-time job. There are so many options to choose from, but very few offer parent reviews to ensure that you’re making the right (safe, fun, enriching) choice for your child. I want to change that.

This post is specifically about Long Beach Aquatic Camp and their Junior Beach Camp at Belmont Plaza. There wasn’t much information about the program online, outside of a short (vague!) description that included swimming, sailing and games. As such, I signed up for just two weeks because I didn’t feel comfortable committing to more. How I wish I had signed up for more.

My 5-year-old son just finished up his two weeks, and I can’t say how impressed I’ve been with the experience. For any other mamas out there curious about this camp, I wanted to share some specifics to ease your minds.

-8:1 camper to counselor ratio. Students are divided into sea animal groups each day. (My son was in a group of 8 Sharks, and had a dedicated Shark counselor)

-About 50 campers total (6 groups of 8)

-Swimming twice per day (morning swim is a Red Cross certified swim lesson, afternoon is free swim). Students are tested and grouped by ability. My son said there were five students in his group. Having the chance to swim twice per day did a lot in building his comfort level in the water!

-Students in Group 1 (less advanced) spend time in the baby pool for safe swimming

-Sailing, kayaking and canoeing every Thursday at Leeway Sailing Center

-Excursions nearly every week

-The students also did painting and art work about once a day.


Campers spend their group time on the covered patio outside Belmont Plaza. A white board gives updates on activities scheduled for the day and week.


Cubbies and picnic tables fill with Legos, art supplies and kiddos once the fun begins.

I cannot say enough about this program. Per my son: “I had a blast! I had such a blast that I am practically a rocket in outer space right now!”

I think he liked it.

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  1. Brenda says:

    thank you for this review. I was about to call the recs and depts, to ask what does my daughter bring to camp? They haven’t send me anything in my email. For girls scouts they send me an email on what to bring. But thanks for giving me that reassurance that this camp is great.

    • admin says:

      I am glad it was helpful! I had similar misgivings before dropping my son off the first week. Make sure your child wears a swim suit to camp, and pack a change of regular clothes, towel, lunch, water bottle, hat and sun screen. We ended up making an emergency run for Zinka (zinc sunscreen) because my son was getting so toasted being outside all day. Have fun! :)

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