Broncos are Topps!

This fall, Blake participated in Friday Night Lights flag football for the first time. The only thing better than spending a Friday evening on a field with 14 simultaneous football games was the fact that Blake’s team was made up entirely of buds from his Kindergarten class.

It was a great season, to be sure, and as the self-appointed team photographer, I wanted to do something memorable with the pics I had taken all season. After a quick chat with the team mom, we decided to create trading cards for the entire team. We used the company, which has tons of great templates (including official Topps templates) and allows you to personalize everything from names and numbers to stats and personal narratives on the backside.

The cards were high quality, with a laminate coating to keep the fingerprints and smudges at bay. Once they arrived, I created some retro-looking card wrappers and stuck in a piece of bubble gum for authenticity. I’m pretty psyched with how they came out! And it will be great for the kids to look back 10-20 years from now at this mini time capsule of cuteness – the cards feature their height, weight and season highlights – not to mention pics of their best buds from Kindergarten.


Fair warning on Their customer service is non-existent. We had a rush order and tried calling at least 10+ times over a two day period to make sure our order was received, and we never got a return phone call (let alone an actual person picking up the phone). Their quality is great, but keep this is mind when ordering.

Total cost: About $15 per player.

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