My soul’s reponse to turning 40

My Dear One: It is OK if you are tired. You have just finished running 40 laps around the sun. You have fought. You have loved. You have fallen and risen a thousand times over, and you have never stopped rising. **It is OK if you need to rest.**

My Dear One: Your body is beautiful. You may have tried to starve it. You may have called it terrible words and hated it when you looked i…n the mirror. You may have even wished at times to kill it. But it has never stopped healing for you. It is OK to love your body in return. **Please know you are beautiful.**

My Dear One: It is OK to be scared. You have loved and lost. You have been left broken. But for 40 years, you have also SURVIVED all that life has handed you. That is saying something! You are a fighter! You are a powerful point of light amid so much darkness! **It is OK to believe you are strong.**

My Dear One: Let someone love you. I know you have been hurt. I know you have been left. I know you have stayed too long, and fallen too hard, and taken too much. That does not mean real love does not exist. **Please know: you are loved, and loveable.**

My Dear One: Joy is coming for you. You need to let it. You have cried so many tears they could fill an ocean. You have prayed so hard your hands almost bruised. You have screamed so loud I could hear it from heaven. **It’s OK to break down your walls and let the light through.**

My Dear One: YOU ARE WORTHY. You may have told yourself otherwise. You may have heard it from other lips. You may continue to meet people who don’t see your light and beauty as you wish they did. But that doesn’t diminish even the tiniest glimpse of light that is in you. It is OK to have standards for what you want, and how you need to be treated. **You deserve only good things.**

My Dear One: You are not alone. You have spent years in solitude. You have blocked yourself from others out of fear and pain. But you have never been alone on this journey. You are guided. You are loved. You will be taken care of, as long as this journey is useful for you. **It is OK to trust others to help you.**

My Dear One: I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. All of the light. All of the beauty. All of the love. All of the power. All of the strength. All of the peace that is waiting for you to accept it. This is all I want for you in your next 40 years. **May peace and joy become your anthem, and may you never stop singing.**

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