Big battles for a one-woman army …

Please download and post in your neighborhood if you're dealing with a similar situation. Every bit of deterrence helps!

So – awhile back, I posted a note about a strange phone call I had received from a Long Beach detective letting me know that some of my stuff had been found in the car of a long-timeĀ  LB felon. This would be shocking to almost anyone … unless they live in urban Long Beach, and are aware of theĀ  mass of homeless people and drifters that dig through our garbage 24/7 – in our case, just under our window.

Now that I’m a mama, I’ve been hitting my limit with a lot of things here in LB – squatters, violent drunks, etc. But scavengers have recently shimmied to the top of my list. So I decided to create some signs in hopes that others in our neighborhood will see them and decide to post them, as well.

I know I’m a one-woman army. And I know it probably won’t do anything to change our situation on a larger scale. But for what it’s worth – so long as we’re unable to sell our condo due to a hellish economy – our little corner of Long Beach is going to be the cleanest and safest in the city.


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