Girl crush or bust

My mid-90s girl-crush: Liz Phair

This week, my husband gave me an amazing gift: two nights off from mommy-hood to take a road trip to see Liz Phair and Aimee Mann – two women I’ve loved for more than 15 years. The two were playing together at a ridiculously beautiful mountain location in Northern California. As much as I love my monsters, I had to go.

The Mountain Winery - *ridiculously* beautiful.

My friend and I left Wednesday and took a leisurely drive up the coast. There is nothing like hours and hours of coastline to make you forget your troubles.

The California coast. A reason I will love this state fo-evah.

We were able to stay with one of my all-time favorite girls, a former colleague, who happens to live in San Jose. In an amazing twist, Aimee Mann actually played for her boyfriend’s company that day (what???), so he was able to get us some VIP treatment at the show.

Aimee Mann looking very scholarly.

During the trip, we were also able to take a tour of the Apple campus, and take a short jaunt over to Berkeley, where I lived for a year during college (one of my most favorite years of my life). It was a rad two-day whirlwind of good friends, amazing music, awesome memories and all-around goodness. How lucky am I?

Rock on!



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