My super-hero crush: it’s in the bag …

My Captain America bag: saving me from the ever-threatening dangers of bag boredom

So – I’ve made no secret of my love affair with Captain America. Thus, when I saw this rad comic-inspired fabric with mi amour all over it, I had to nab it. The hope was to create a stylish little going-out bag that’s part geek/part chic. [And heavily studded, of course.]

Three super pockets for change, keys and phone-age

The hardest part about finding the perfect going-out bag is that the small ones don’t hold anything and the big ones are a major drag to carry. So I designed this one as a slim/compact wristlet, with enough pockets to cover the essentials. I even found the perfect button in my notions box: a silver star, a la the Captain America shield.

No one can save you from a three-year-old Captain America fan.

The only down side? My son keeps stealing it! Take that, mama! Pow!

Total cost: $5 in fabric and interfacing, plus some remnants from my scrap bin.


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