Easy, baby

Rhett "Easy Baby" Fantin

When I first had Blake, people would ask me if he was an “easy baby.” Considering that we ran the sh0p-vac for three months straight just to drown out the incessant sound of his screaming, I figured the answer was no. But not having much experience with babies, I had no idea what an “easy baby” actually was. Or even if they really existed. That is, until I met Rhett.

Rhett Lee Fantin is a little bundle of chubby sunshine. He smiles on contact. He lights up like a candle when he looks in someone’s eyes. He’s so easy-going that when he cries, I actually feel really sad because I know he must really be hurting. [Whereas when Blake cried - and cried - I usually felt like taking a looooong walk ... far, far away.] He’s the sweetest baby I have ever met. I cannot believe he’s mine.

I say this not to indicate that Rhett is a better baby than Blake. Or that I love him more than Blake. (After all, I loved Blake a lot as a baby … so long as he was sleeping.) I just mean to say that I finally know what people mean when they say they’re baby people. Or that they want to have tons of babies. Or that they couldn’t stop holding / watching / smooching their babies when they were born. With Rhett – I never want to let him go.

Sorry, B. You’re the funniest, sweetest, cuddliest, smartest boy in the world … now. But when it comes to baby temperament, your brother has you beat … easily. And now that I know “easy babies” actually exist, there is a possibility that I might actually want another. Someday :)

As my mama used to say: I love them both the same. :)


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