“So he doesn’t pee on his face …” [wise words from my mama from beyond the grave ...]

So – as we’re getting ready to move, we’ve been sorting through lots of old books and mementos, one of which happened to be my mom’s old bible. As I flipped through, I found a hand-written note dated Easter 1978, with instructions for the baby sitter on how to care for us while my parents were out. I would have been just past 1 year old then, and my mom would have been a ripe 22. These are her instructions – many of which ring true today. Thanks, mama. You made me smile today.

"If she fusses and won't eat, give her cereal to shut her up." That advice would ring true for me to this day. :)

Being knee deep in potty training with Blake, I found my mom’s advice on my brother’s potty time to ring true. “Hold his pee-er down so he doesn’t pee on his face.” I have, in fact, seen this happen before learning the hard way otherwise. *So* wish my mom had been here to offer that advice a few months ago. (I’m also super fond of, “If she’s fussy, throw her in bed.”)

"Hold his pee-er down so he doesn't pee on his face ..."

In addition, I’d like to point out that I was probably in my 20s before I stopped associating the word “pee-er” with “peer” – as in “a group of peers.” I’m still not sure what to call it so Blake doesn’t have the same problem.

Anyway – my smile for the day, care of my mama in heaven.


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