Forget 90210 … my dream home is in the 15668

4291 Sardis Road a la 1956-ish. Major amenities include: Churches handy!

Same house circa 2008. Just add trees

I have a few secret wishes in life. One is that my grandfather will sell me his house in Murrysville, and that I can raise my boys in the same woodsy home I used to play in growing up. While sorting through [more and more] boxes in preparation for our move, I found the original MLS listing for the house. Talk about a bargain at $15,750. (Note the scribbles in the top corner:I’m guessing they are calculations on income/monthly payments.)

As an editor, I would want to fix the grammatical error on this sign. As a granddaughter, I would let it go.

My brother and I spent many a weekend under our grandparents’ heels in this little home. We had sleep-outs and cook-outs on the patio. Ice-skated (or in my case, fell on my butt) on the neighboring lake. We watched toads splash into the pond on the hill. Listened to bullfrogs while catching lightning bugs and spotting daddy-long-legs on the porch. Swung in the swing my grandfather made for us. Pulled onions and tomatoes from my grandmother’s garden. We loved every minute of the time we spent there. And now that I’m older, I can only dream of doing those things with my own boys.

The bridged driveway

Most kids probably dream of buying their childhood home, rather than their grandparents’. The truth is that my brother and I moved quite a few timesĀ  growing up. My grandparents’ home gave us stability, not to mention a lot of warmth and love. As soon as we crossed the bridge from the road to the driveway, I felt safe. (I also felt a little queasy, as the bridge is extremely narrow, and I was always worried about falling over the guard rails.)

A lake. For Blake.

Living in California, we’ve gotten used to living in crowded cities and smaller spaces. We’ve forgotten what it’s like to have snow (or “weather” of any kind, really). We have no idea what it would be like to mow two acres of grass … most of which lies precipitously on a heavily angled hill. But if the chance ever comes up, I’d love to give it a try. (To be more accurate, I’d love to try calling someone to mow it for me.)

Me with Blake Dean and his great-grandfather circa spring 2009

My grandfather is a stubborn man. I doubt he’ll ever be willing to part with this home, and when he does, he says it should be torn down so something bigger and better can be built in its place. In my opinion, it would be impossible to build something “better” than what already exists there. Here’s to hoping that stubborn old guy realizes it, and that [when he's finally willing to part with it] this sweet little home goes back on the market one last time.


My dream = sleep-outs on the porch with the boys.

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