Mr. Suck: Protecting you from sucky people everywhere

"When you see it, you'll know quick: Things marked SUCK will make you sick."

OK – I totally lied. This is my last vent session.

Awhile back, I thought about starting a series of stickers that people (i.e. friendly, non-knife-throwing, law-abiding people) could hand out in order to peacefully protest the sucky-ness that seems to be invading our society. They would be modeled on the poison control stickers known as “Mr. Yuk” that were popular when I was a little girl.

In my naive, Pisces mind, I truly envisioned being able to hand over a Mr. Suck sticker to the rude person in question, and having that person completely change their perspective on their behavior. Not realistic, I know. But it’s nice to think that there is a peaceful way to protest someone’s bad values or lack of integrity without having to raise your voice, or even address the person personally. Just hand them the sticker and be on your way – content in the fact that now they know they’ve behaved badly.

Anyway, after a few too many sucky experiences this week, I decided to revisit my idea. Meet Mr. Suck – armed and ready to protect you from sucky people everywhere. Just peel and stick, and we’ll know quick: Mr. SUCK will make you sick.


As a side note: I learned just recently that the Mr. Yuk poison control label my mama had faithfully pasted to our rotary wall phone when we were kids was in fact designed in Pittsburgh. Check out the Mr Yuk song if you feel like reliving your past.

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