The big 1-0-0! Thanks for supporting Safe Warm Loved!

Dear friends, This past July, I shared with you all a simple idea: to sew soft cuddle blankets for child victims of domestic abuse in an effort to give them a small piece of security, and a little bit of love, as they enter shelter life. While my hope has always been to provide a blanket for each and every child who enters the shelter doors, I knew that goal would be difficult to attain; the shelter welcomes up to 180 children per year at its residential center and up to an additional 150 visitors per year at its outreach location. I decided to aim for 100 blankets for the year as a stretch goal, knowing (with a bad economy and so many people facing their own adversities) it would be a difficult to reach. I’m so happy to report that just six months into the project, our stretch goal of 100 blankies has already been hit, and we’re even closer to the possibility of providing a blanket for every single child who needs one. As 2010 comes to a close I want to personally thank every single person who has donated to Safe Warm Loved this year:

Cindy and Cris Murphy – Export, PA

Steve and Sandy Stalnaker* – Joshua, TX

Ed Mamula – McLean, VA

Michael Fantin* – Salt Lake City, UT

Sylvia Gorohoff - Long Beach, CA

Susi Fantin* – Burke, VA

Joanne Fulmer – Reston, VA

Leslie Davison – Redondo Beach, CA

Bob Leach – Santa Monica, CA

The Swistak Family – Burke, VA

Alex Jones – Palos Verdes, CA

Leah Holiman – El Segundo, CA

Jeffrey Paradise and Ava Berlin – San Francisco, CA

Jessie Powell – Riverside, CA

Edith Nealy - Houston, TX

Pollyanne Hornbeck – Los Angeles, CA

Justine Morgan – Alexandria, VA

Susan Yates – Sterling, VA

Debra Timmons – Silver Spring, MD

Susan Piper - Santa Monica, CA

Tammie Crain – Signal Hill, CA

*Indicates multiple donations

I also want to thank:

-Deborah Levy, who took time to knit two soft and cozy blankets with her own sweet hands.

-Amber Wynn, who took it upon herself to promote Safe Warm Loved to colleagues and friends and was a tremendous help in getting the word out.

-Venita Hale, who also spread the word via her mad Facebook skillz.

-Community Council Radio, Long Beach Grunion Gazette and CBS2/KCAL 9, for their coverage of Safe Warm Loved this year. (Georgia), Warehouse Fabrics Inc. (Alabama) and a soon-to-arrive shipment from SAS Fabrics (Arizona), for donating generous amounts of fabric to the project.

-David Coalson at Family GraphiX, who continually prints double or even triple the labels I order to support the project (which saves me money out of my own pocket)

-And to all of the other family, friends and colleagues who simply supported and encouraged me along the way. No kind word has gone unnoticed.

It never ceases to blow my mind how lucky I am to know so many people with big hearts, or how much can be done just by putting something small into motion. On behalf of all of the munchkins at WomenShelter Long Beach, thank you so much for making Safe Warm Loved a reality, and for making their stays at WomenShelter just a little warmer.

Big hearts rock! Thank you, XOXO, and Merry Christmas! I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for Safe Warm Loved!

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