Suburbs 4VR!

Rolling in the grass instead of seeing dead bodies roll down the alley = fabulous!

So – we officially began living in our new house on Monday night. Since then I have decided I never. ever. ever. want to leave.

We fell asleep to the sound of crickets, rather than cop cars. We threw away our garbage, and it actually stayed in the bin … the entire night long. I didn’t even have to use a bull horn to scare people away from our window. Best thing ever!

Romeo, Blake's new best friend

The monkeys got to roll around in the yard. Blake met a new best friend, Romeo (the kitty from next door). Rhett learned that grass is tickle-y to lie on. My husband relaxed for the first time in five years.

Welcome to our civilized neighborhood!

People said hello when they walked by. Kids rode by on bikes and skateboards. (Yes – the wheels I heard were actually skateboards, instead of shopping carts). Am I dreaming??? I love it here!

"Rhett on Grass" - a portrait

I don’t want to knock urban living completely. We loved 1724 for awhile. We loved being a block from the beach. And seeing movies and TV shows filmed at all hours. And walking to our favorite bars and restaurants. We even loved our actual condo a little bit. But at this point in our lives, we’re just not cut out for urban life.

The suburbs. Where Fun = taking pictures of ourselves in front of the walk-in closet.

I know it’s antithetical to my youthful days of giving the bird to authority and scaring old people. But here’s to the suburbs! Please don’t ever make me leave.


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