“I want a maker thing …”

"I want a maker thing" - least specific Christmas request everNow that we’re all moved into the new place, I’ve been spending time on sorting and putting away all the really important stuff: old photos and memories I’ve had in storage for at least a decade.

My most recent fave is my Christmas list from – I’m guessing – 1980-ish. It reads (give or take a few scribbles):

Dear Santa,

I want a jewelry set. I want a maker thing. A hobbly hobby oven. (stet) A wonder woman suit. A thing to dry your hair with. I want just a yellow wig.

God bless my mom for keeping this work of art. I’m pretty sure I got all of those things in one form or another over the years. It might have been an Easy Bake oven instead of Holly Hobby. But I definitely got a Holly Hobby sleeping bag one Christmas, so it evens out.

Yeah - I'm pretty sure we never could have afforded this. Easy Bake oven must have been my runner-up.

And the Wonder Woman suit turned into Wonder Woman underoos. But that’s probably what I meant anyway, knowing me.

Who needs a Wonder Woman outfit when you can have Wonder Woman underpants?

For the number of times I’ve colored my hair over the years, I’ve basically had a yellow wig 10x over.

As for the “thing to dry your hair with” – also known as … a hair-dryer – I’ve actually turned into a girl who doesn’t use one, so it’s cute that I used to think I would.

So. Here’s to little Christmas wishes, and how easy it used to be to make them come true. And to moms who didn’t just take time to write out their 3-year-old daughter’s letter to Santa, but to keep it for decades, just in the off chance it would one day make that girl smile. (It totally did, btw.)


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