“I need you here right now … Please toss me a dry towel”

I don’t want to brag, but a few decades ago(+), I was in a band named Frigid Whiskers.

It was a brother-sister duo launched in the attic of our Jeannette, PA, home. We didn’t have any instruments. But we did have plenty of time … and paper. And what we lacked in instrumental skills, we made up for in passion, evident in every one of the songs we wrote.

Frigid Whiskers: The album

Our biggest hit by far had to be “Hurricane.” At least I’m assuming that was our biggest, as we went through the trouble of making a double byline because we were soooo proud of it. Lyrical highlights include: I need you here right now / Please toss me a dry towel / To dry off all the rain / And wipe away the pain …

It's a hurricane coming on to me ... A hurricane - I'm so blind that I can't see

My next favorite was “Shipwreck on Main Street.” Just try to run … there’s no land at your feet …

"Instead of flying birdies, there're floating fish around my head."

It’s hilarious to look back at how our musical careers started, but there’s no denying that having time and space to create those songs impacted us in our later lives. We learned that we love to write. And sing. And create. Today, my brother is a kick-ass, ridiculously sick musician. (Check out Daddy Died Believing I was Good.) I mess around with my bass and write songs when I have the time. (Check out I Could Say I Will). But the music is engrained in both of us, forever.

Now that I have kids, I look back at these little pieces of my childhood and wonder what I can learn from them. For me, it just further strengthens my resolve to keep the TV turned off (except a little during football season ;) and to let my kids be weird and crazy and 100 percent themselves. You never know where it might lead.

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