Captain Blakey hits Long Beach Comic Con

Zombie Parking Only = Great way to kick off the Halloween weekend

So – we were super-fortunate to get a press pass to attend Long Beach Comic Con for We had so much fun attending freebie events outside the San Diego Comic Con event that we had to take advantage of the opportunity. Though tiny in comparison, it didn’t disappoint.

Super Man = super thrill for Blake Dean

Storm Trooper, I think.

Now – when I say that the show rocked, please know I speak as a woman who knows almost nothing about comics, and who was attending the show with a 3-year-old boy. From that perspective, we couldn’t have had more fun. Tons of super heroes, monsters, robots, toys, and friendly people.

Playing with his new action figures ...

Blake picked up his first-ever super-hero figurines (used, 3 for $10), including Captain America (go figure), Super Man, and Union Jack. (Props to Doug Kline for identifying him via my cryptic text message asking who the super hero with a … union jack … on his chest might be).

Captain Blakey - what are the chances! Amazing art by Dan "Smif" Smith.

Even more exciting (from my perspective) was this rad piece one of the artists (the very sweet and super talented Dan “Smif” Smith) gave to Blake when he saw his “B” helmet. Turns out he had done a “new” super-hero (a mix between Captain America and Batman) who just happened to wear red, white, and blue, and sport a “B” on his helmet … just like Super Blake. When he saw Blake’s hat, he thought he had to have it. Nicest thing ever!

Star Wars fruities = Blake's dream come true

If I hadn’t been at the show with a toddler, I would have loved to explore more of the artists who were showcasing their work, and some of the cool stuff they were selling. Regardless, it was an amazing time for both me and the monster.

File Under: Things that blew Blake's mind. Rad LED mouse head (mau5head) from Chase Levin

But I’m not a geek. I swear. Really.

xoxo :)

Though shy in the beginning, he owned the place by the end of the afternoon

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  1. Chase Levin says:

    Awesome blog! I was the guy in the glowing mau5head, haha! It was awesome how mesmerized Blake was. Cute.

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