[Review] 6th Annual Aimee Mann Christmas Show


So – Saturday, we had a chance to ditch the kids and head out to one of our fave L.A. holiday traditions – the Aimee Mann Christmas Show. We were lucky enough to hit the very first show at Malibu Performing Arts Center when we moved to Southern California. Super fond memories … although this year’s show wasn’t the best. (Sorry, Aimee!)

From the outset the show seemed promising. Aimee’s hilarious promo video won me over in a blink.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUCo-ZsCyOg] But maybe it set my expectations too high. From the moment she came out onstage, the show seemed doomed. It was slow, and confusing. I wasn’t sure which bits were supposed to be funny, and which ones were actually serious. Even the super-funny Paul F. Tompkins and Tim Heidecker couldn’t keep the show on track.

To be fair, I’m not sure the venue (The Wiltern)  was a good choice for her style of show. With a large space, it’s hard to be laid back and quirky – jokes get lost in the rafters even when things are properly timed. Subdued innuendo is difficult to see from shitty seats. (And btw, our seats were definitely shitty – even though they were $50+ each, we couldn’t see a damn thing over the people in front of us.)

However, I will say this: acoustics were great. Aimee’s duet with Michael Penn (Halelujah, I’m a Bum) is way worth a download. She also played some faves -  Deathly, Save Me, and a new song (Labrador) that she previewed up at Mountain Winery in August. (“But I came back for more … then you laughed in my face, and you rubbed it in …”)

I’m sorry to be harsh! I’m usually the nicest critic ever. If I love a singer, I generally walk out of their shows feeling like it was the “best show ever.” Not this time, Aimee! For a girl with two kids, $50 a ticket plus $60 for the babysitter = just not worth it.

Rating? 2.5 / 5.0 stars

Love you always regardless.


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