Welcome to the Fantin Family Diner …

So – in addition to our “No TV” rule, we’ve been implementing a number of other parenting simplification recommendations in the past month. One of those is to create a general weekly menu to guide our meals – removing the surprise (and hopefully, tantrums) from mealtime for Blakey, and removing the stress of planning meals for me.

To make the process fun, we decided to go one step further to create laminated “Fantin Family Diner” place-mat menus for the table to create even more structure and order to the dining process. Blakey can help set them out for mealtimes, clean them for clean-up time, etc. So far it’s made grocery shopping much easier, and Blake’s eaten a few more green beans than usual. Works for me :)

Did I mention how much I love the book Simplicity Parenting? xoxo

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