Pregnant vigilante causes public disturbance; willing to cause more. So watch your backs, Long Beach

Yesterday I was getting ready to pick Blake up from camp when I heard an angry man outside our condo screaming in such a monstrous way that I literally dropped whatever it was I was holding. It was the kind of angry man-yelling that could have been heard for at least 10 blocks, and it gave me chills even just being within the safety of our place. Even more frightening, the man who was making the commotion was screaming not at another man, but at his small son. And he was screaming about how hard he was going to beat him.

I immediately went to the window to try to figure out where the screaming was coming from, and the man’s threats on his child kept getting angrier and angrier. The child couldn’t have been more than 10 or 11 based on his voice, which wasn’t talking back – just whimpering. I lost it.

I started screaming bloody murder that I was calling the police. I started screaming to anyone around, asking if they knew who the psycho dad was. I started screaming that I was going to beat up the guy myself if he touched his son one more time. At one point, I even screamed, “I am so angry right now!” – just in case it wasn’t clear to him before.

A women in the ally pointed to the window of the place where the guy had dragged his son, but she didn’t know his name. So I kept screaming and screaming and screaming until all was silent. Neighbors gathered outside, and anyone who asked found out that there was a man in the building beating his son. I made sure every single person knew it.

When all was done, I was bawling. I called a friend to tell her what happened, and she noted it’s probably my mama-lion instinct to protect that is making me such a psycho to stand up for random children I don’t know. Whatever is was, all I can say is this -

Do not underestimate the rage of a pregnant woman who already has one son she’d die for.

If you, or any other deadbeat parents in Long Beach, decide it’s a good idea to beat your child, then be prepared for a spectacle like none you’ve ever seen. I will stand under your window like a psycho cat in heat. I will scream bloody murder until the police come and drag you away kicking and screaming. And if I see you physically beating your child, I will jump on your back and drag you to the street to show you what it’s like to be humiliated and hurt in such a monstrous way.

That’s it. You’ve been warned. So be a man and learn how to love and discipline your child like a grown-up, or get the hell out of my city.



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