Youngest Militant Vegan in LBC Still Going Strong …

So – Blake won’t eat meat. Like – at all. Ever. And by meat, I mean anything related to animals … eggs … cheese … the whole gamut. In more than 2.5 years, I’ve never once seen him eat meat of any kind. And it’s starting to make me worried.

For awhile, I thought it was normal. Lots of kids don’t eat meat until they’re older anyway, right? It’s harder to digest and all that. But now that he’s on the other side of 2.5 I’m a little concerned he’s really never going to be willing to try it, let alone eat it for real. In fact, when I do try to feed him meat, he literally throws it violently across the room. It doesn’t matter if it’s dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, or macaroni and cheese. What kid doesn’t like dinosaur-shaped chicken? I mean, come on!

Last night, I tried to mix up little pieces of ground beef in his spaghetti, and I still didn’t fool him. The moment it hit his tongue he painstakingly disected the entire forkful to determine what was spaghetti (OK to eat) and what was meat (OK to toss on the floor). It’s making me tired.

Is it possible that the kid really knows he doesn’t want to eat animal products at this young age? If he hadn’t been breast-fed I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t even drink milk. As a mom, what should I do? Worry? Cry? Accept him for the politically active toddler he is? If he were willing to at least eat eggs and cheese I wouldn’t be so concerned … but outside of protein bars, the kid seems dead set on not allowing protein into his diet.

Concerned mother of a militant vegan toddler

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  1. Janene says:

    Did you talk to your pediatrician? Eating is one of those battles that I couldn’t see fighting. I would limit the junk and let them eat the things they like. As long as he is growing, taking vitamins and the pediatrician isn’t overly concerned then I wouldn’t worry…I would talk to his doctor, though, just to see if there is anything out there that you can give him (like a supplement) that will ease your mind a bit. BTW ~ Perfect picture! He’s just an animal lover not an animal eater. :)

    • Thanks, girl. His doctors didn’t seem too concerned at his 2 year check up … now that we’re nearing 3, I’m definitely going to be more adamant about getting some real advice/directives, though. Other than, “You’re the mom. If you want him to eat it, make him eat it.” I saw your post about Danika – hope it is a quick trip to the hospital tonight and nothing serious! xoxo

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