The man behind the [embroidery] machine …

I absolutely love finding sweet (but affordable) ways to make my son’s eyes light up, and one of the easiest ways to do it these days is by adding Thomas Train to any possible piece of clothing. I recently found an amazing set of embroidery machine designs that make that even easier. Even better, they work well and look absolutely beautiful once stitched. (The designer must have a kick-ass digitizer because that isn’t always the case.) It’s the perfect way to turn a pair of thrift store shorts or plain hoodie into a cherished treasure. Total cost? Less than $5 bucks for the patterns and scrap material to stitch them on. Hells, yeah.

Oooo, and I totally just scored some other rad designs from the same company’s website: super heroes and Bob the Builder. Best. Thing. Evah.

Thomas Train

James and Thomas ... all aboard :)

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