No, really – what would you do?

A simple reminder to the *&^$! father screaming at his newborn baby to shut the hell up.

I have an aggressive mouth. And an equally aggressive spirit when it comes to protecting kids who are being abused or hurt in some way. But yesterday I witnessed something that I wasn’t quite sure how to handle because I didn’t want to jeopardize the well being of my own children. I’m wondering what you all would have done about it …

We were at Target yesterday afternoon when I overheard a man screaming (yes –screaming) “SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” over and over again in a violent manner. A few seconds later I found out who he was yelling at: a weeks-old baby who was crying in the animal-like cry that newborn babies make – not loud, but incessant. One of those things you learn to live with in the early days of parenting.

The guy wasn’t hurting the baby … but from the rage in his voice it felt like he easily could. A few moments went by, and another mama shopper came over to me and asked if I heard what was going on, and what we should do about it. For the first time I wasn’t sure.

Normally, I would go into my Chihuahua attack mode and approach the guy (see Pregnant Vigilante causes public disturbance; willing to cause more …) to whatever end I could. But being that I had Blake and Rhett with me, I didn’t want to risk the situation going badly. This is Long Beach, after all. Even if I moved them to a “safe place” before I approached the guy … they could safely end up seeing me get shot for intervening in someone else’s affairs.

As it was, my sister mama and I just stood there in near tears, continuing to hear the screaming man and not knowing what to do. What I mean to say is: we did nothing. Even though it went against every natural inclination in my body. Because we didn’t know what we could or should do.

I can only imagine what the baby experienced when she got home, out of the public eye. It weighs on me that she went home with someone already on the verge of violence. So – seeing as how this will likely come up again for an outspoken mama living in the ghett-o, please tell me: what would you have done about it? I need to know how to fix these kinds of situations without jeopardizing my own kids’ lives while I’m at it. I need to be able to sleep at night.


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  1. Aww ~ that sucks. :(

    I don’t know what I would have done. I’m not sure I would have done anything differently.

    In a perfect world, I would have calmly approached him and asked him if he was a new parent and then tried to calm the baby down so maybe he would stop yelling at her. Maybe I’d talk to him about how tough being a parent can be and then and then I probably would have run out the door with her and zoomed away in my car! hehehe

    Seriously, though – you have to think about the little ones that you are responsible for first so you did the right thing. It just sucks that you had to witness that. It takes a while to get over things like that when you have kids of your own. It makes your heart hurt.

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