Rad remnants

For a mama with a three year old son, Hot Wheels = Hot Stuff

So – there’s a fabric shop in Tucson where they don’t just sell fabric by the pound – they actually tear it with their own bare hands. Literally – it’s that tough. Nothing is organized. Boxes full of remnants are strewn about. But when you have a few moments to dig, you can find some hella cute stuff. This morning I had a couple minutes to check it out, and I found a few sweet surprises soon to appear on punkseamstress.com – or on something I make for myself. One or the other.

The pieces I’m most amped about are the retro kiddy style themes I haven’t seen for ages, including Hot Wheels and Strawberry Shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake - my absolute fave when I was little

Of course I also nabbed a few of the more contemporary mainstays – Spider Man, Cars, tractors, skateboards – all of which will make some rad accoutrement to Blake and Rhett’s vast collection of hoodies and tees in the next year or so. In fact, the best thing about these types of kiddy fabrics is that a little goes a long way – sewing on just one car or tractor could easily dress up a boring thrift store jacket, saving lots of $$$ in trendy [er, licensed] clothing costs.

The Beatles - soon to make an appearance on a bag or apron near you. :)

Outside of the kiddy-goodness, I was also psyched to find some random Beatles fabric and some cool Kawaii prints I was not expecting to see in this here small town. Surprises like that are always good in my book.

No idea what this says ... but it sure looks cute

There is one piece I was debating on, which said “Police line – do not cross” and had ridiculous horizontal yellow stripes throughout. Though incredibly not cute, I’m sure someone could manage to make a flirty belt or midriff halter with it. Maybe next time ;)


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