“I’m a sucker for some pretty eyes …”

I love Lucero. I’ve made that clear. So when I saw they’d be playing in London at the same time I’d be working in the UK, I couldn’t believe my luck. I bought a ticket without even knowing if I’d be able to go (SOLD OUT – two nights in a row at The Windmill!!!) … and I would have been happy enough (-ish) with that – the cosmic sign that my music and my heart are in the same country at the same time.

Luckily for me, I was able to hit the show, and so glad I did. Getting there was a little exhausting – cab to bus to train to … getting lost on the streets of Brixton (slightly sketchy part of London). Luckily (again) I met some boys at the train station (who had come down all the way from Manchester – five hours by bus!) who were also going to the show, so we got lost on the streets of Brixton together.

Those who know me are aware that I’ve always planned to name my daughter Brixton … another sign :)

Finally got to the show, and Ben was standing right there in front of me! Covered in snow (and a 15-year-old at heart), I had to tell him I love him. He gave me a sweet hug and the obligatory 2 seconds of convo before moving on. Love him!

Ben Nichols – Lucero

I quickly made my way to the front of the stage. The openers, Dexy and Giles, were awesome. Also met some great guys from California and Brixton who chilled with me between sets. Finally it was time for Ben.


The show was amazing. Ben was hilarious – making jokes and goofing off throughout the songs. The crowd sang every single word of every single song – very cool to see the love Lucero has across the Atlantic pond.


Such a memorable night. Got a little lost trying to find the bus stop back to Oxford, but decided to capture the moment – the fairytale quiet of snow falling slowing in London at midnight – in a little video.


An awesome adventure. I love England. And I looooove Lucero. :)


P.S. In case it isn’t already clear what a dork I am, I was psyched to see that part of my head showed up in another fan’s pic online. :)

That’s my eye – bottom right! :)

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