A Dork in Hollywood

My fave :)

So – one of my favorite things about having a birthday February 24 is that my day of birth always coincides with the Academy Awards celebration in Hollywood. Though we don’t “hang out” in El Lay often, this is one time of the year that I absolutely love to get my dork on and people watch in Tinseltown.

After dinner at 25 degrees in the Roosevelt Hotel, we headed to the Kodak Theater to get some Oscar love.

That's totally an Oscar statue behind me! Still covered in plastic!

The red carpet is already rolled out for the evening’s guests (albeit covered in plastic wrap so none of the gawking tourists can screw it up :)

"Yes, I'm wearing "Black Sweatshirt," by Target."

I was lucky enough to get interviewed by the one and only Joan Rivers … don’t mind the low quality of the photo. My husband was so embarrassed that I asked him to take this picture that he took it as quickly as he possibly could.

That's totally Tim Gunn!

I jumped up and down like a school girl when we saw Tim Gunn from Project Runway. (I’m extremely easy to impress, btw, in case that wasn’t clear. There is a reason this post isn’t titled “Cool Girl in Hollywood.”)

Kodak Theater Entry Way: Oscar statues galore!

Later in the eve, we hit Haywire (awesome!) at the Chinese Theater. I’d never actually seen a movie there before, largely due to the $$$-tickets, but it was worth it. An Italian movie festival was being held while we were there, which made people watching even more fun.

All in all, a super-fun eve, and back in the LBC by 9 to put my monsters to bed. Happy birthday, indeed.


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