Bad Penis Luck

So – before we had the boys, I really didn’t have a strong opinion either way regarding circumcision. Initially, that was a good thing. With Blake being born early, the docs failed to circumcise him within the allotted window of time, so we had a good year to decide if it was something that “needed” to be done. In the end, we chose to go that route, and Blake went under the knife (yikes) once he was old enough to safely undergo anesthesia (around 1.5 years). In a sense, it was some bad penis luck (BPL) for B that he had to wait so long for the procedure. From what I understand, it would have been much less painful if they had done it when he was born.

Fast forward to Rhett Lee. After shelling out thousands for B’s “late” circ procedure, we were on our toes about making sure the docs in the delivery room were paying attention and that Rhett got snipped early and often, so to speak, to avoid a similar issue. Rhett got the treatment the very first night of his life, and we breathed a sigh of relief knowing he wouldn’t have to go under the chopper like Blake did at an older age. And yet on Rhett’s 9-month wellness check – out of nowhere – the doctor hit me with a surprise: the circ was … too long.

What? Now – I’ve had some bad penis surprises (BPS) in my life. But this had to rank as one of the worst. Essentially, this means that Rhett will have to be snipped a second time because the doctors initially cut too little off.

Truly – I can’t even believe this is a topic of conversation. But essentially, the fact that it was cut too short is just like not being cut at all. Which means Rhett will have to go under the knife just like his brother if we still want him to be a circumcised kid.

Per Dr. Smartass, “Wow – what are the chances of that?!?!?!” To have such BPL all in one family. For both brothers to have to get snipped – one of them twice! – when it really hurts? Not to mention, the fact that the procedure may not be covered by insurance because (technically) it’s already been done. Yes – that’s BPL for sure.

Now – I’m a pretty spiritual girl. Since hearing the news of Rhett’s circ-x2, I’ve been wondering if this is some kind of message about circumcision being the wrong decision … and whether we should go through with the second procedure after all. Whatever the case, I’m hoping that Rhett’s long-term memory skills are far from lasting … and that he (like his big bro) will be none the wiser (and/or very forgiving) when the time comes.

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