Culture Campaign: Southern California Edison

After a series of layoffs, the company sought an all-encompassing campaign that speaks to both the outward mission and internal culture of the company. The goal was for teammates to recommit to the company and their work, and to feel like they play an important part in our mission. I presented three completely different campaign options, as featured below in the form of video scripts:


(1) “With great power” Campaign

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility …

It’s not just something super heroes say.

At Southern California Edison, it’s what our own everyday heroes believe in – whether they’re risking their lives to fix a fallen line, or working 24/7 to keep our customers safe, informed and empowered.

For more than 125 years, we’ve upheld that responsibility – to our customers, to our communities, and to one another.

The trials we’ve faced … the storms we’ve weathered … they haven’t always been easy …

But no risk worth taking – no legacy worth building – ever was.

At Edison, we were built on a dream – the dream of a brighter future.

And because of your commitment to our values and our mission – we know the best is yet before us.

We are Southern California Edison, and we believe –

That with With Great Power … anything is possible.

[quietly – text on screen]  With Great Power …
                                                     Southern California Edison


(2) “Seeing is Believing” Campaign

When Edison created the electric light in 1880, many said –

You’d have to see it to believe it.

At the time, it changed everything. How we work, how we play. How we see the world, and one another.

More than 125 years later, we’re still proud to share that gift of light and power with 5 million Southern California residents.

But just as technology changes, we’ve realized that our company needs to change, too.

We’re going back to the basics, and part of that means recommitting to our people. Bringing new light to our company, just as we have to the community for more than a century.

We’re improving our workplace … our processes … and the way we treat one another.

We’re rebuilding trust and investing in our human capital, because we know it’s the most important part of who we are.

We know there will be skeptics. They have reason to be.

But just like Edison’s light – and all of the marvels that followed it –

Seeing is believing.

And we hope you will be surprised and inspired by the changes that lie ahead.

Your manager will be talking to you about the Seeing is Believing campaign and how together, we can help build a brighter Edison.


(3) “I am the spark” Campaign

Every single day, people come to Southern California from all over the world …

Some are drawn to the bright lights of Hollywood …

Others are chasing a dream – of the big screen … big waves … or even just big fun.

They may never realize that a team of 16,000 Edison International employees are working 24/7 to create the power that makes every unforgettable Southern California moment possible …

And because of our internal commitment to operational excellence – in the field … on the poles … in our 90 offices throughout the region … they’ll never have to.

Each of us is the spark that keeps Southern California lit … dancing … driving … sparkling from above.

And together, we are the power.

We are Southern California Edison.

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