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Local Mom Launches “Safe-Warm-Loved” Project to Donate Handmade Blankets to Child Victims of Domestic Violence in Long Beach

(Long Beach, Calif.) – A local Long Beach writer and mom is teaming up with WomenShelter of Long Beach to provide hand-made snuggle blankets to child victims of domestic violence. The new project, “Safe-Warm-Loved,” is meant to show every child who walks through the doors of the WomenShelter that they are in fact in a safe and loving place, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

“It’s amazing how much a simple blanket can do to help a child feel protected,” says founder Jessica Stonefield-Fantin. “There is no reason that every child in Long Beach shouldn’t have that feeling of security – especially when they’re facing something as difficult as domestic violence recovery.”

According to WomenShelter, the organization’s domestic violence shelter admits between 5 and 15 children each month as part of its on-site support center; and an additional 150 per year visit its community outreach center, which offers comprehensive services to families struggling with domestic violence.

“As you can imagine, the children who come to our shelter are in shock, frightened, and angry,” says WomenShelter of Long Beach executive director, TuLynn Smylie. “The blankets give them something to hang onto (literally) while they are processing the grief and trauma that they have witnessed and experienced.  These blankets will show them that someone cares for them, and this will give the children comfort during a very stressful time.”

Those interested in sponsoring a hand-made blanket for a child in need can do so on a special Safe-Warm-Loved web page on A donation of $20 will provide a hand-made blanket (and an invaluable sense of security and love) to a child in need. All blankets are hand-delivered to the shelter and will serve children in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area.

Safe-Warm-Loved is a charity initiative of Bronco & Mare, a seamstress side-project of founder Jessica Stonefield-Fantin. Donations cover the cost of fabric and other supplies, and blankets are made by hand as each donation is made.


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